starting the year off right...

We woke up yesterday morning on the first day of 2016, got dressed and hopped in the car to head to the beach for the day. We brought sand toys and a big blanket to sit on, extra towels and clothes to replace our sandy ones and just spent most of the day watching the waves roll in and out and letting Scarlett play on the beach and jump in the freezing water. 

And it was exactly what I needed. 

After the sun went down we stopped by our favorite berry farm to buy some of Nick's favorite jam and to play a few board games. Nick started to teach Scarlett to play chess and she even won her very first game! 

All in all it was a wonderful way to start the new year - and just what I needed to reboot a bit. Here's to many more beach days in 2016!

love & cupcakes, 

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