Happy Friday! Here we are at the end of another week - the first full week of 2016! How has it been treating you so far? Here's what I'm up to right now - 

Reading - Still working on The Nightingale. I'm making such slow progress... I'm just not feeling very into reading at the moment, but hopefully I can pick it up again soon. Book club is only a few weeks away! 

Watching - We just finished watching Matt Smith's run as the Doctor on Doctor Who and I'm a bit emotionally wrecked from his departure. He'll always be my Doctor - for always. 

Anticipating - I don't really have anything on the horizon right now to look especially forward to. That sounds like a real bummer but I assure you, it's not. It's not a terrible thing to have a pretty clear calendar for a while - especially after the holidays! 

Listening To - I've been listening to my completely random "driving" playlist on Spotify. It's all over the place. 

Eating - I've been on a white cheddar popcorn trip again lately, but I think it's waning... We'll see. 

Working On - Getting back to the old routine. It's rough right after the holidays to just jump right back in to all the daily chores and stuff, but I'm slogging through. 

Wishing - I need a vacation. Like, a real vacation. Even just a few days away with nothing to do, nothing planned, no responsibilities. Is that even a thing anymore?

What are you up to lately?

love & cupcakes,

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