Happy Friday! I'm so glad we're at the end of the week. This one has been a doozy! Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading - I'm still working on The Nightingale. I think it's pretty awesome so far. I've been getting pretty into it so I'm sure I'll have it finished by book club next weekend. 

Watching - I just started watching The Royals on Amazon and I love it! Such a guilty pleasure! Are any of you watching it, too?

Anticipating - Miss Kaiden is having her birthday party tomorrow morning and Scarlett is so excited! She loves her cousins so freaking much...

Listening To - This week, all I've been listening to is Scarlett asking for chocolate milk and snacks over and over and over again... It sucks when she's sick and can't keep anything down because she ends up so hungry and thirsty, but then just pukes everything right up again. We're finally coming out of this bout of illness, so hopefully she'll be back to her chocolate milk and Goldfish happiness again soon. 

Eating - Not very much - we need to go grocery shopping like crazy! We're down to all the weird stuff in the back of the cabinets. A trip to the store is a high priority for today!

Working On - I still have to finish up Scarlett's thank you notes from her birthday party - from last month! I've been slacking pretty majorly. It's on my to do list for sure! 

Wishing - For more beach days. I see more of these in my near future!

How has your week been? Anything new and amazing happening in your neck of the woods?

love & cupcakes, 

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