blue christmas...

It's finally Christmas Eve! Well, I say "finally" and honestly, it seems like Christmas snuck up on me yet again. As soon as I start to feel the holiday spirit creeping in, the holiday blows by and is gone before I even realize it. I can't help but feel melancholy as we celebrate - like I'm already missing the moments that haven't even happened yet. Does anyone else feel like that, too? Like you don't want to enjoy the holiday too much because it's so fleeting? 

I'm always hesitant to put up the tree until around mid-December because I don't want Scarlett to feel like we're skipping her birthday in favor of Christmas since her birthday is in the beginning of December, but I think next year I'll need to put the tree up and start decorating a bit earlier than usual - just so I don't feel like Christmas will speed by. 

My list of things I wanted to do this season was impossibly long - and although we made fudge and brownies, cookies and gingerbread men, decorated the tree and wrapped presents, did Advent calendars and made [clay] snowmen, I still feel like we missed out. My goal for next year is to make Christmas last a lot longer than it did this year and embrace all of the warm and cozy feelings as they come. 

Maybe we'll start in July...

love & cupcakes, 

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