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I'm a stay at home mom. I spend my days hanging out with a four year old who has a lot of thoughts and opinions on everything from what the best thing to eat at lunchtime is to how her underwear should fit. Talking to a four year old all day, every day is pretty awesome. It also makes for some serious craziness. I'm not four years old. I'm closer to forty. And having only Scarlett to talk to all day has made for some pretty interesting outlooks on life. It also makes me crave adult interaction, which leads me inevitably to social media.

I use Facebook to keep up to date on the random daily comings and goings of my friends, family and acquaintances. I consider myself fairly active on an almost daily basis with posting updates and photos. I try to keep my posts mostly positive and happy - and I'm quick to unfollow friends who wallow in negative posts or spend most of their time posting political or controversial posts and looking for debate/drama.

I check in on Instagram at least once a day, although I'm much less frequent with my posting there than I am on Facebook. I have Snapchat [but I'm pretty clueless about how to use it] and I have Twitter and Vine, although I rarely post or even check them often.

I like social media. Like, a lot. That said, however, I realize that it has a time and a place and being constantly plugged in keeps you disconnected from real life. I think I walk a pretty safe line regarding social media - I'm definitely active, but not consumed. And it's easy to get sucked in past the point of being "social" and into the realm of "obsessive."

Scarlett is pretty good about calling me [and Nick] out when we get too preoccupied with our phones. She'll tell us to "put the phone down" and when I hear those words come out of her mouth, it snaps me back to reality and reminds me that social media is never more important than our real life. Besides, if you're not living an interesting "real life" than what would make social media interesting, right?

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