like a boss

Scarlett started preschool this week. 

She's actually at her second day of school right now and she's loving it so far. She started on Tuesday [she only goes two half days a week] and while I may have cried like a baby in the car on the drive home, she walked in that school like she already owned the place. So full of confidence and determination.

It's been weird not having her around all the time. I ran some errands on Tuesday and didn't have to raise my voice even one time. So out of the ordinary. And today I was able to take a quick walk around the park next to our apartment and catch up on some blogs in complete silence. So weird. But it's awesome to see her enjoying school so much and learning new things and making new friends. 

Now, if only i could find some moms around here who want to hang out while our kids are at school... 
Adulting is hard. 

love & cupcakes, 

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