homemade gifts...

Isabelle in an apron I embroidered for her.

I'd love to make homemade Christmas gifts this year but I feel like unless you're really great at craftiness or able to make something big like a quilt or a large blanket, it comes off as "not enough" of a gift. 

Is that true? Have we gone so far in the other direction that unless everyone has a huge pile of gifts to open on Christmas than it's not enough? I'd really like to get back to having just a few really thoughtful gifts at Christmas so we can focus on spending quality time with family and friends instead of taking an hour and a half to get through opening presents. 

But how do we go in that direction without it seeming like we've "downgraded Christmas?" It's tough to do that unless everyone else is on board, otherwise it might feel like you're the only one not giving "enough." 

I know not everyone can or even wants to make gifts - it's totally easier to buy stuff. But in recent years I've found it really difficult to buy gifts for everyone and have it be something they truly want and not just something that was okay. 

Since we've moved so many times in the past year and a half, we've moved our focus away from accumulating more stuff and more onto having fun experiences and only hanging on to what we really love. But it's not easy to convey that to family and friends who have a lot of stuff and are very hesitant to let any of it go. People are really sentimental [myself included!] and trying to simplify your possessions can be very hard.  But the more you do it, the easier it gets. I've even found myself looking forward to doing a big donation run as it seems easier to breathe once the extra stuff is gone. And I totally understand that that doesn't always hold true for everyone else. But how do I simplify my Christmas without coming off as "giving less?" I'm lost...

If you only got gifts this year that were handmade or homemade, what would you like? 

love & cupcakes, 

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