The hills are super pretty behind our apartment. 

Happy Friday! We're facing another weekend already! Yay! What do you have planned? Anything awesome? i think we're going to try to squeeze a family bike ride into our Saturday somehow. I'm so happy! Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading - I'm just about finished with Magnus Chase and I really enjoyed it. I have no idea what to read next - any suggestions?

Watching - Nick and I have been watching season two of VEEP lately. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is hilarious. 

Anticipating - My best friend Megan is performing in a show this weekend and I'm so excited to go and watch her sing. It's been a really long time since I've seen her in a show and the fact that it's in a bar is a major plus. Mama drinking date! 

Listening To - Spotify has been my go to lately. I play random playlists while we're in the car and then when we get home, I start them up again on my laptop. 

Eating - I feel like we've been bingeing on pizza lately - not that that's a bad thing. I'll get some frozen basic pizzas at the store and then add a bunch of herbs and veggies on top before I cook it at home. It's pretty awesome. 

Working On - I'd like to really get on top of my holiday stuff this year. Ideally I'd like to make gifts for people but I don't want them to "look" like homemade stuff, you know? I think if I made some cute doll stuffies and some circle skirts for the girls, they would totally like them. I just need to find some super easy but cute tutorials and get started! 

Wishing - I'd love to go camping soon. We haven't gone camping in the fall in a really long time and I think it would be so nice to get cozy by the campfire and drink some wine out in nature while the temperature drops. Any suggestions for awesome campgrounds in the fall?

I hope your weekend is amazing! What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 

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