Scarlett made cardboard "pizza" the other night! I love her imagination!

Happy Friday! We made it through another week. Woo hoo! The weekend is almost here. Here's what I've been up to lately...

Reading - I'm still reading Magnus Chase and I'm totally into it. I love Rick Riordan - he writes in a way that just sucks me in! 

Watching - I'm totally loving "Scream Queens" lately. It's so ridiculous! But I love it. Are you watching, too?

Anticipating - The weekend! I think this is the first weekend since we've moved that we don't have anything planned - and I just want to lounge around and relax a bit. Although I'll probably still end up knocking out some boxes. But I'll make sure to wear my jammies while I'm doing it. 

Listening To - We've been pretty into making playlists on Spotify to listen to while we're in the car. Scarlett is a big fan of the one she helped create

Eating - I've been craving garlic toast lately. I'm sure everyone appreciates my lovely breath afterwards! Also, the amount of Halloween candy all over the house is beyond tempting... I kind of can't wait until it's all eaten up. 

Working On - We're signing Scarlett up for preschool this morning so I really want to work on getting a better bedtime/morning routine worked out. I just read an article about how parents that get their kids to bed earlier than 8:30pm are much happier and better rested than those who let their kids stay up until after 9pm [guilty!]. And if Scarlett is going to have to be at school at 9am two days a week, the more rest she can get the nights before, the better! 

What are you up to lately?

love & cupcakes,

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