a spooky saturday

Happy November! It started to rain last night and today is really feeling a bit more like fall. I love it! And of course Halloween was an awesome night. Scarlett is at such a fun age! She was a trick or treating champ this weekend and we had a blast with her. 

Scarlett chose to be Skelita Calaveras this year and when we asked her what Nick and I should be, her response was "Skelita's parents!" So that's what we were. 

Everyone loved Scarlett's makeup [not bad for me using just what I had on hand to freehand her face in the kitchen just before we left!] and she loved all the attention. She's such a rad trick or treater - she said thank you and Happy Halloween almost every time someone gave her some candy. 

I almost wish we could trick or treat every night! 

What was your costume this year?

love & cupcakes, 

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