ocean therapy...

We've been finding ourselves drawn to the beach pretty often lately. It's become our family recharging spot. Santa Cruz, Monterey, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay - we've visited them all recently and will probably be back for some more ocean time soon. We had an impromptu Santa Cruz weekend last month and then last week we found ourselves in Monterey for another impromptu beach getaway.  It was beautiful! We had a lovely date night [and I had the yummiest sandwich!] followed by an awesome coffee and brunch date the next morning. Once we had Scarlett back with us, we visited Asilomar and spent a few hours wading in the ocean and watching the waves. I think it's my new favorite beach. We ended up covered in salt water and sand and happier than we've been in a while. We even stopped in Santa Cruz on the way home for some amazing barbecue. Definitely one of my favorite last minute trips we've taken. 

I want to go back already! 

love & cupcakes, 

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