it's been a while...

We've been in our new apartment for a week and a day and it's already starting to feel a bit more like home. The crazy amount of purging we've been doing for the last few months has really helped in not overwhelming our new space with boxes upon boxes. There are still more boxes piled up in corners than I'd like, but it's nothing like it was when we moved into our last apartment! 

The kitchen has much less storage than we're used to but we're figuring it out a bit more every day. Luckily we have more storage out on the patio than we expected so it really helps in storing the weird, random things we're not quite ready to get rid of but that we don't really want/need to display in the apartment just now. Plus living on the third floor is making our legs stronger! 

I'll check in again soon with more pictures of our space... Hopefully I'll be able to post more often - the faster I settle in, the faster I'll be back on a regular schedule again! 

love & cupcakes, 

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