impromptu santa cruz weekend - day two

Waking up to the sound of the ocean is amazing. I could definitely get used to it...

On our second day in Santa Cruz, we had planned to spend the morning at the Boardwalk riding on rides and being touristy, but I checked the times wrong and we ended up there two hours earlier than they opened [our hotel was just across the street, so it wasn't a big deal] but we didn't want to wait around all morning just to go on the same rides we had already gone on the night before. We decided to hang out at the beach for a bit before getting back in the car and heading down the coast towards home again. 

We of course had to stop at Swanton Berry Farm on the way home. They have the most AMAZING jam [Nick loves it!] and they have such yummy goodies like berry cheesecake, strawberry apple cider and strawberry shortcake. It's probably a good thing that it's so far from our house otherwise we'd spend way too much time eating jam and cheesecake. 

After we were full of jam and cheesecake, we were back on the road - until we spotted a lighthouse in the distance. One time a few years ago, Nick said that he liked a lighthouse decoration for the house and ever since, I've given him a hard time about "loving lighthouses" - I always point them out to him and send him pictures of things I find with lighthouses on them. Well, apparently he decided to take the joke back because he insisted on stopping and visiting the lighthouse and acting all excited and touristy about it. Such a nerd. 

It was a pretty cool thing to see, though. I'm glad we stopped. 

After the lighthouse, we made one last stop in Half Moon Bay for lunch and coffee. So yummy! I love stopping for coffee in different places along the road. It's always nice to try new cafes and little coffee shops. 

Scarlett got a huge chocolate chip cookie, Nick and I each got a sandwich, Nick got a regular mocha and I got their special house mocha - it was made with melted chocolate, amaretto syrup and half and half instead of steamed milk. So decadent! Definitely not an everyday treat! But so yummy...

I had such a wonderful mini-vacation. I could do this every weekend! 

love & cupcakes, 

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