We've decided to try to do more family bike rides during the week since Nick is around more often now. We went on two last week - one of which started as an epic fail and ended up being a more than 7 mile ride. 

Our first stop was Lake Chabot - one of our favorite biking and hiking spots. We paid our parking fee, unloaded all the bikes and the trailer and got ready to ride - only to discover that the East Shore Trail [our favorite non-super steep trail for bike riding] was closed and wouldn't be reopened any time soon. So we loaded everything back into the car, got our parking fee refunded and went on our merry way, totally thinking that our bike ride for the day had been completely derailed. 

We grabbed some lunch and talked about other options and finally settled on Iron Horse Trail - another local trail that we love to bike, but is seriously lacking in shade, so riding it any time other than first thing in the morning [especially in summer] is not our favorite.  But we were determined to at least get a few miles biked that day, so we sucked it up and went for a ride even with the sun beating down on us from the midday sky.

And it was awesome.

We ended up going over seven miles and felt wonderful [even though we were totally sweaty] afterward. Scarlett knocked out in the trailer and had a lovely nap and we got coffee and cold water after. Totally worth some sweat and sunshine. I love family bike ride days!

love & cupcakes, 

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