books and books and books...

My parents have so many of my things [and my brother and sister's things, too] stored away in the garage and the attic at their house. The other day my mom posted this photo on Facebook and tagged my siblings and I to let us know that they had found a bunch of our old books from when we were kids and they wanted to know if we wanted them. 

Of course we do! Well, at least I certainly do! 

There must be a ton of my old books there - although the Goosebumps ones in the picture belong to my brother. I'm excited to go and see what books they found - and which ones I want to re-read right away! I'm sure my niece would love to read them, too. She's starting to read the Harry Potter series and I couldn't be more proud and excited! 

Books are awesome!

love & cupcakes, 

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