We decided not to renew our lease here at the apartments that we've lived in for the past year. I'm already feeling anxious about the boxes that we've started to fill and the uncertainties ahead of us. I tried to explain to Scarlett the other day that we weren't going to live here for much longer [we only have a month left in our lease] and was pretty casual about it since I didn't think it would phase her much, since she's only four years old and all. 

Well, I completely underestimated her feelings. 

She totally broke down and started crying and saying that she was going to miss her friends and her room and the apartment. Which of course set me off and we both had to sit down on the kitchen floor and have a good cry together. I explained to her that even if we aren't living in the exact same place anymore, we can still visit friends and do the fun things we do around here. I had to remind her that we live over an hour away from both of my best friends and they're still my besties - even if we don't get to see them every day. I reassured her that all of her toys and furniture were coming with us - she was really upset at the thought of leaving her bed behind. 

And even though we had a good long talk about the entire situation, it's still been pretty tough. She has been acting out more lately and doing things that she's long outgrown, like having accidents or putting herself down for a nap. Yesterday was especially bad. I've been trying to be more patient with her - moving is emotional and exhausting, even on the good days. But it's tough. Hopefully once we have a more concrete gameplan about our next place, we can all feel better about the situation. And until then, I'll be here boxing stuff up again and trying to get as much pool time as possible until we move. 

love & cupcakes, 

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