After our Disneyland adventure we got to spend a few days visiting my family in Temecula. It was so nice to be able to just sit back and relax after the go-go-go of Disneyland. We went blueberry picking, visited a pretty awesome water park and ate some amazing sushi. It was wonderful. 

These girls are hilarious. 

This what happens when the littles are in charge of "making breakfast" - you get some ice water and a sprinkle and candy syrup stuffed marshmallow. 

Blueberry picking! It was so fun! And hot... 

Jordan was finding some good berries. 

My aunt went a little blueberry crazy and ended up with a totally full bucket! 

They even had a little farm area where the kids could check out the animals. They had hens and some pigs. 

We made an ice cream and coffee trip on the way home. The iced coffee was much needed! 

The best way to end a day of blueberry picking is with a huge glass of wine, a movie and some snuggly dogs. 

Nick was home with us the next day so we took the girls to a nearby waterpark while the rest of the family was at work. We had a blast! It was crazy hot but we all floated around on the lazy river and played under the huge water bucket that dumped a ton of water out every few minutes. 

We had a family dinner at a local sushi place that evening and we went a little crazy with the ordering. Everything was so yummy! 

Although we were stuffed to the gills, of course we had to take an ice cream break. There was a Thrifty right next door, after all! The chocolate malted crunch was calling my name! 

We slept in Madison's room - she loves Monster High! 

We stopped by a mall in Valencia on our way home for a break and Scarlett wanted to play with all of the clothes and makeup. They even had a merry go round for her to ride! It's definitely going to be a new pitstop for us from now on. 

All in all it was an awesome trip and I can't wait to do it again!

love & cupcakes, 

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