slow going...

Sorry for the lack of posts around these parts lately. My life has been officially overwhelmed by boxes and packing tape... 

The move is upon us and hopefully this weekend will be the bulk of it. I think we're making much better progress with this move than we did with the last one. We were completely unprepared for how many things we owned on our last move and this time, we've used the last year to really go through our things and keep only the ones we really want. It's been super difficult for me to get rid of so many things, but each purge gets a little bit easier than the last. And we're left with the things that we really love and enjoy - plus we have less to clean up! It's made this move so much less stressful than before. 

So hopefully we can keep the momentum up for a while until we get all of our stuff out. But once the apartment is cleared out - I want a break! I good one... Maybe a weekend away or something. I'll need a few days away from any boxes so I can recharge my batteries and prepare myself for our next step - moving in somewhere. We've been so beat, Scarlett even fell asleep in the cart at Target. 

So until then, this space may be a bit sparse. I'll try to make up for it soon. 

love & cupcakes, 

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