Our Disneyland Vacation - Day One!

Scarlett wanted to wear her Cinderella dress on our first day visiting the park and she was in full on princess mode from the moment she woke up!

Scarlett traded her very first pin in the lobby of our hotel [and promptly lost her lanyard only a few hours later!] and she was super excited! 

 We spent the entire first day at California Adventure.
We did Wilderness Explorer training - it was way tougher and much higher than I thought it would be! I gave up pretty quickly but Scarlett did most of the activities. 

She even got her special Wilderness Explorer badge! 

We got to meet Olaf! 

Waiting to meet our first princesses of the trip. 

Elsa and Anna! 

We discovered that when Scarlett is starstruck she holds onto her ear for comfort. She did it when she met every character at Disneyland during this trip. It was adorable! 

Oswald! Daddy's favorite! 

See - Nick loves this rabbit. 

We needed a drink after we realized that Scarlett lost her brand new lanyard that was already full of pins. Nick was furious. But she learned that just because she lost something, that doesn't mean that it's going to be replaced and she missed out on all of the pin collecting and trading for the rest of the trip. Maybe next time she'll hang on to her things a little more carefully. 

I needed a drink, too. 

We took a pool break before dinner and Scarlett got to do the little waterslide they have at the pool. She loved it! 

Nick and I got to do a mini date night at Buca Di Beppo and it was so nice to just sit and enjoy our food without having to convince Scarlett that spaghetti and macaroni are made of the same thing and that adding cheese to pasta makes it even more amazing. Grown up dinner for the win! 

It was a pretty rad first day - even with the missing lanyard escapade. Stay tuned for day two! 

love & cupcakes, 

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