Our Disneyland Vacation - The Last Day!

We've come to the last day of our Disneyland trip already... Only a few more photos to go!

Scarlett wanted to wear her Rapunzel-inspired dress on our last day so I did her hair in a faux-braided stye and of course added her sparkly tiara and we were off to the park!

We had to make a stop at the Lego store in Downtown Disney so Scarlett could window shop and pose with the big Lego sculptures. She loves it there! 

We needed some serious caffeine after staying until the park closed the night before, so as soon as we entered the park, Starbucks on Main Street was our very first stop.

The castle was so sparkly!

We spent most of our last day in ToonTown since we hadn't been able to go the day before. Scarlett loves to run around in there and visit all the different houses. We even spotted Goofy wandering around town. 

Scarlett wanted to see Mickey and have him sign her new autograph book so we waited...

She was so good! And of course she had to hold on to her ear when she met him - 
he is famous after al! 

Much to my surprise, Scarlett wanted me to ride with her [instead of Daddy!] on the little roller coaster they have in ToonTown! It was so fun! 

After we left ToonTown, we headed right to Fantasyland to ride the carousel. We all rode together and had a blast! 

We even ran into Rapunzel! Scarlett needed to meet her and have her picture taken - they were almost twins after all! 

Comparing shoes! 

And of course, no trip is complete without a stop for a Dole Whip float! So yummy! 

Scarlett loves to stop in the magic shop on Main Street - she especially loves the puppets. 

We always try to have Scarlett's silhouette done when we visit Disneyland. It's awesome to look back at how small she was during other visits. It's an awesome souvenir. 

As we were heading out of the park and getting ready to leave, we saw Ariel by the front entrance! Scarlett was so happy! 

Disneyland knocked Scarlett out and she slept for the first part of our trip to visit family in Temecula. It was such a fun Disneyland trip - we can't wait for our next one! 

love & cupcakes, 


Our Disneyland Vacation - Day Two!

Day two was a full on Disneyland day. Scarlett decided to go with her Ariel dress that day and was totally a glam princess. 

They had a really cool mural in Downtown Disney promoting Inside Out and Nick and Scarlett had a blast posing as all of the different emotions. Disgust is Scarlett's favorite. 

Before we even made it to the park, we had to make a quick stop in Sephora so Nick could snag a sunscreen sample and Scarlett could get all sparkly. She even got some super cute red lips. 

Super glam! 

Once we made it into the park, Space Mountain was our first stop. The line was pretty long so Nick ran up to get FastPasses while Scarlett and I stayed in the Star Wars store and made our own droids. Scarlett loves all the different hat/ear options. 

Once Nick got back with the passes [which weren't good until 5pm - six hours later!] one of the cast members overheard us talking about how we don't do well at Disneyland in the summer because of the heat and the crowds. We're definitely off-season fans. She asked us if we'd like to just get on Space Mountain right then. Of course we did! She walked us right up through the back entrance and we were on the ride within minutes. It was the most awesome thing! Cathy is the greatest! 

We were so happy and excited! 

I completely covered Scarlett in the ride photo - Oops! 

After we did Space Mountain it was on to princess time! We stopped by the wishing well and sure enough, within 30 seconds Aurora showed up! 

Then it was off the meet Snow White...

And Belle...

And Cinderella!

After the princesses we were exhausted from the heat and the crowds and we decided to head back to the hotel for a few hours to rest and play in the pool. It was just what we needed.

We even saw some baby ducklings on our way back! 

 After our rest, we made our way back to the park for the evening. Nick and Scarlett did a bit of dancing in Downtown Disney. 

And we got to watch the fireworks! They were wonderful and I cried like a baby, as usual. 

Scarlett wanted to show us "it's a small world" [she had come the evening before with her grandpa and ridden it] so we got in line and she was beaming from ear to ear. She was so excited to tell us all about the ride and all the different countries it shows. 

It was my favorite part of our trip - listening to Scarlett explain the ride to us and helping her look for all the hidden Disney characters throughout the ride. 

We of course had to ride the teacups and Nick snuck his frozen lemonade on the ride and cracked us up by drinking it while we were spinning. 

Scarlett got her magic feather and rode with me on Dumbo! 

We went on Pirates of the Caribbean and Scarlett fell asleep during the ride. She was completely exhausted and Nick carried her to the train station and we made our way back to the hotel. 

Scarlett did an amazing job - especially since we stayed at the park until they closed at midnight! It was such a fun, FULL day! 

Stay tuned for our last Disneyland day! 

love & cupcakes,