Happy Friday! We made it through another week... Here's what I'm up to right now. 

Reading - I had to return The Nightingale
 to the library before I was even halfway finished with it so I'm going to try to read it again later. I picked up  Before I Fall
 from the library the last time we were there and it's okay so far. It's already proving to be a much faster read then The Nightingale, so we'll see how it goes. 

Watching - Every night before we go to bed, we end up watching at least two episodes [usually more!] of Friends. I never watched it while it was on TV but now that it's on Netflix, it's an every night occurrence around here. I think we're in season 8 by now...

Anticipating - Disneyland is fast approaching! We only have a few more weeks until it's Disney time!

Listening To - Nick and I picked up some old records when we were out on date night last weekend so I've been playing lots of Beach Boys around here lately. Nick even got a two-record set of polka music - it's hilarious! 

Eating - I've been trying to eat better lately and have even sacrificed going on our weekly family outings to Five Guys [the greatest fries ever!!] to instead hang at the gym while Nick and Scarlett indulge. Nick's been bringing me home some California rolls afterward, though, so it's completely bearable. 

Working On - We're still figuring out our next move as far as living arrangements go, so I kind of feel like we're stuck in limbo for a few more days. I've been purging my closet and Scarlett's toys, though, so no matter what we decide, we'll have less stuff to deal with. 

Wishing - Right now I'm just wishing and praying and hoping for some certainty in our living situation. It's just getting out of control expensive in the Bay and even if we stayed exactly where we are, our rent will go up about $200 which is just too much... As much as I love living here and being where I grew up, we just can't afford it as it is for much longer. I'd like to be able to buy another house someday and it just doesn't seem like something we will be able to save for as long as we're staying here. Blargh. 

I hope your week has been awesome and I hope your weekend is even better! What are you up to?

love & cupcakes,

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