happy [day after] easter!

We had such a fun Easter yesterday. There were insane amounts of eggs to be found, tons of candy and sweets, a horrible structurally un-sound cake with load-bearing Peeps holding it up [that tasted wonderful],  water in wine glasses and some super happy, sugar-high kids.

Hanging with her Peeps...

Scarlett got my wine glass [filled with water] and thought she was the coolest thing ever!

So many eggs! 

Isabelle put out a bowl "for people who don't like yolks." It was much appreciated. 

Scarlett planted a purple jellybean that grew into a bunny lollipop overnight! 

The cake was such a disaster - but at least it tasted yummy! 


It was such a good day! How was your Easter?

love & cupcakes,

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