winter in california

We stopped downtown on Sunday after church and Scarlett decided that she needed to go in the water pay area in her church dress. She made sure to take off her "fancy shoes and tiara" first, though. 
Here's a "Before" shot...

And here's "After." She ended up shoeless and soaking wet, but happy as can be. 

Scarlett thought it was hilarious when she discovered that standing over a water jet just right would puff her dress up and make it look like her belly was big. She was cracking up the entire time! 

Winter in the Bay Area is all over the place - sometimes it's freezing, other times it's like it's almost summer. This year we had barely any winter weather at all. Hopefully next year I can replace these types of photos with shots of Scarlett playing in the rain or making snow angels... Fingers crossed! But until then, it's pretty fun to watch her go crazy in a water play area - especially in her church dress. 

love & cupcakes, 

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