santa cruz

We went to Santa Cruz this weekend to celebrate my birthday and see a band that Nick and I both like. It was a bit rainy and cold, but we didn't care. A day at the ocean is always a great day.

We decided to drive down Highway 1 so we could enjoy the view and take our time. We stopped at a little farm that mills their own wheat and bakes pies and brownies. It was so cute! They had a little dog that wanted to be our tour guide and he took us all around the farm - Scarlett loved him! 

Then, a few miles down the road, we stopped again at a berry farm so Nick could stock up on jam. The jams were all AMAZING! We bought three of them and just hung out for a while. They had a bunch of blocks and vintage games for Scarlett to play with and the shop's decor was impossibly cute. 

Then, a few more miles down the road, we grabbed some coffee and a cookie for Scarlett. We didn't stick around the cafe but next time, we'll have to stop for lunch there. 

We finally meandered into town and made our way downtown after checking into our hotel. We grabbed some dinner and walked around a bit before we took Scarlett to hang out with Nick's cousin for the evening while Nick and I went to see In Flames at the Catalyst downtown. The show was awesome! And of course, since I was getting a bit warm standing in the crowd, the curls in my hair decided to try and make an appearance at the end of the night... 

We picked up Scarlett [who had had an awesome time with Nick's cousin] and headed back to the hotel for bed... The beach would be waiting in the morning! 

love & cupcakes, 

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