happy [day after] saint patrick's day!

Scarlett woke up yesterday morning and was immediately full of questions about leprechauns, looking for gold coins and wearing green. She's apparently pretty into St. Patrick's Day. We found her a long green dress to wear and she picked out some green stuff for me to wear, too. She even gave me a green hair tie to wear as a bracelet until I got dressed for the day.

She rocked her green dress all day and even insisted on wearing it to bed last night in case a leprechaun came to visit and looked under her covers. She didn't want to get pinched. 

We were planning on making some green sugar cookies last night but Scarlett was worn out from a long day playing at the playground and she fell asleep. Looks like cookies are on the schedule for today!

I hope your Saint Patrick's Day was full of fun and luck and hopefully no one partied too hard last night and is dealing with a bit of Leprechaun's Revenge today... 

love & cupcakes, 

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