down and out...

I have been stuck in the apartment all weekend long with the worst cold I've ever had... I'm still fighting off the worst headache ever and hoping I'll feel well enough to function by this afternoon - the apartment is a mess and Scarlett has gymnastics to go to. 

Through all my illness, though, Nick was SuperDad and AwesomeHusband. He stepped up and took care of Scarlett on his own all weekend long and even took over for me when my nieces needed to be picked up from Sunday School and hung out with until my sister was off of work. I missed out on park time and pizza lunch dates, pool breaks and bike rides, but I got to rest and fight off this illness and he and Scarlett even brought me sunflowers and sushi to help me feel better. 

Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon - I feel like I totally missed out on some awesome family time this weekend and I want to make it up next weekend. Hopefully this is the end of cold and flu season in our house - I can't take any more illness around here! 

love & cupcakes,

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