Scarlett has been practicing her letters lately and when she writes little notes like this, it just melts my heart...

Here's what I'm up to right now - 

Reading - I'm still trying to force myself to finish The Paper Magician - it sucks when I lose interest in a book and I feel awful when I don't finish one. But I've got about a third of the book left to go and it's just a daunting task...

Watching - I just finished the third season of Scandal the other day and I can't wait for the next season to be on Netflix. Although I have discovered that binge watching one political drama [Scandal] followed immediately by binge watching another political drama [House of Cards] gets me all confused... I keep expecting characters from one show to show up on the other and I'm getting my storylines crossed. Oops! 

Anticipating - Our joint birthday party is tonight and I'm so excited! I can't wait to relax and party with our nearest and dearest... 

Listening To - I've been playing a lot of the Andrews Sisters station on Pandora lately. It makes me happy. 

Eating - I'm still totally obsessed with the parmesan bagels from Costco. I have one every morning for breakfast with my coffee and I love them. 

Working On - Getting the house ready for tonight's party! Even though this apartment isn't very big, it still somehow manages to accumulate insane amounts of clutter and dust in every corner and on every surface. Blargh! 

Wishing - I'd love a nice, relaxing vacation somewhere. Our last few trips have been very busy and fun, but not very relaxing. I'd love to just snuggle up somewhere with some hot coffee and a good book and just be able to look out a window at some trees or the ocean and relax... Ahhhh.

What are you up to? I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

love & cupcakes, 

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