happy anniversary!

[Photos by Suerte Photography]

Happy Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I hope you're having a blast in Seattle! Love you!

love & cupcakes, 


down and out...

I have been stuck in the apartment all weekend long with the worst cold I've ever had... I'm still fighting off the worst headache ever and hoping I'll feel well enough to function by this afternoon - the apartment is a mess and Scarlett has gymnastics to go to. 

Through all my illness, though, Nick was SuperDad and AwesomeHusband. He stepped up and took care of Scarlett on his own all weekend long and even took over for me when my nieces needed to be picked up from Sunday School and hung out with until my sister was off of work. I missed out on park time and pizza lunch dates, pool breaks and bike rides, but I got to rest and fight off this illness and he and Scarlett even brought me sunflowers and sushi to help me feel better. 

Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon - I feel like I totally missed out on some awesome family time this weekend and I want to make it up next weekend. Hopefully this is the end of cold and flu season in our house - I can't take any more illness around here! 

love & cupcakes,



She can't help but get crazy if there's mud around...

Happy Friday! We made it through another week! Ours has been pretty chill - and I like it that way! Here's what I'm up to...

Reading - I'm slowly working my way through my insane stack of magazines. Since we moved to our apartment [7 months ago!!] I just haven't been into reading my magazines. I still adore them - I just can't seem to get around to actually reading them yet. So I'm trying to plow through them now. 

Watching - Scarlett was so excited to find the new Monster High movie on Netflix yesterday after pool time. She sat still and quiet for the entire movie! Such a nice little break. And I'm sure we'll see it about a million more times before the end of the weekend. 

Anticipating - We're having a wine tasting girl's night tonight and I'm excited to just hang out with some friends and relax for a bit - especially since there will be wine involved! 

Listening To - I put a few new songs for Scarlett on her tablet and she's found her "new favorite song ever!" It's been on repeat like crazy this week...

Eating - Way too many Cheez-Its. Like, seriously. 

Working On - Accepting that this warm weather might be sticking around. We really got shafted on winter this year... 

Wishing - For longer weekends and more relaxing family time. Lazy days together are the best.

How has your week been so far? What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 


leprechaun hunting!

Last Friday, Scarlett still wasn't ready to say goodbye to Saint Patrick's Day yet, so we grabbed our sneakers and went for a hike. She wanted to look for leprechauns and show them a picture of her. I love her imagination...

She found a tree that she's decided is her new favorite place in the world. We found ladybugs, lizards, cows and butterflies and at one point I think we came dangerously close to a skunk! Scarlett picked dandelions and made wishes. It was such a great hike - I can't wait to take her again! 

love & cupcakes,


never interrupt a reading baby...

My mom was going through old family photos last week and found this gem from my baby days. 

I think it's fantastic - and a good reminder to never interrupt a reader, no matter how old they are. 

love & cupcakes,


song of the sea

On Sunday, Nick was looking through Amazon to find a movie for us all to watch together and he came across one called "Song of the Sea" that looked pretty good. We ended up renting it for 48 hours and it was awesome. 

The entire movie was hand drawn and it's gorgeous. The music was amazing, too. I'd love to buy the soundtrack to play during bedtime for Scarlett. We have the movie for a few more hours and I kind of just want to play it over and over again until it disappears from our queue. It's beautiful.

love & cupcakes, 


family bike ride

We went for a family bike ride around our neighborhood yesterday and found a gorgeous area inside one of the corporate business parks nearby. There were walking trails and tons of trees, an outdoor amphitheater and even a waterfall! It was so pretty... I'd love to take a coffee and a book and go hide out there some Sunday afternoon for some quiet time... 

Scarlett wanted to see a "bike show" in the amphitheater so Nick did some silly tricks on his bike for her. And Scarlett got some some good practicing in on her big girl bike - she even named her bike "Star!" So cute...

I can't for more family bike time next weekend. 

love & cupcakes, 


thursdays are my favorite...

Our weeks can get pretty busy - running errands, going to gymnastics and storytime, even just playing at the park or in the apartment can get hectic. But Thursday is the one day of the week that I rarely have anything on our schedule. It's our free day to just hang out and do whatever we want to - even if that means not even getting dressed until almost dinner time. 

Today we ended up spending our lovely Thursday running just a few fun errands, followed by some awesome pool time.

It was a pretty good Thursday...

love & cupcakes, 


happy [day after] saint patrick's day!

Scarlett woke up yesterday morning and was immediately full of questions about leprechauns, looking for gold coins and wearing green. She's apparently pretty into St. Patrick's Day. We found her a long green dress to wear and she picked out some green stuff for me to wear, too. She even gave me a green hair tie to wear as a bracelet until I got dressed for the day.

She rocked her green dress all day and even insisted on wearing it to bed last night in case a leprechaun came to visit and looked under her covers. She didn't want to get pinched. 

We were planning on making some green sugar cookies last night but Scarlett was worn out from a long day playing at the playground and she fell asleep. Looks like cookies are on the schedule for today!

I hope your Saint Patrick's Day was full of fun and luck and hopefully no one partied too hard last night and is dealing with a bit of Leprechaun's Revenge today... 

love & cupcakes,