idle hands...

What in the world did we do while watching TV back in the days when the internet was slow or even, God forbid, non-existent??? I can't, for the life of me, imagine just sitting quietly while I'm watching TV. I can't help myself - if I'm at home watching something, I'm also either on my computer, writing blog posts or scrolling absentmindedly through Facebook, or playing some mindless game on my phone, usually Candy Crush or some reasonable facsimile. 

I think I need to update my embroidery basket and keep some projects next to the couch so I can just grab something to keep my hands busy when we settle in for a Netflix marathon or our Sunday evening Walking Dead dates. Or maybe I just need to practice sitting still and giving my full attention to whatever we're watching. 

What about you? Can you sit and focus on the TV when it's on? Or do you need something to keep your hands busy, too?

love & cupcakes, 

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