Disneyland - Part One

Our trip to Disneyland last week was epic - definitely one of the best of our lives. Scarlett is at that magical age where she still loves princesses and Mickey mouse, but also wants to be a "big girl" and go on rides like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - and it's awesome! She wore a different princess dress each day and had people stopping to say hello to her everywhere we went. She had an incredible time - and so did we. 

We spent our entire first day at Disney's California Adventure and it was awesome. Scarlett got to go on a walk with Mickey Mouse, we watched a parade and since Nick's dad came with us, Nick and I even got a little time to ourselves to go on California Screamin' and have a glass [or two!] of champagne. 

It was an awesome way to start our trip...

More to come! 

love & cupcakes, 

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