Disneyland - The Last Day

We've come to the end of our Disneyland trip... Finally, right?!?! ;)

On our last day, we spent the morning at the park before we had to pack up and get in the car for the long ride home. Scarlett wanted her face painted again, to take another ride on Space Mountain [which resulted in her bonking her ear and ruining the aforementioned face painting] and we wanted to make sure we got some souvenirs for Scarlett's cousins and my sister for keeping an eye on our apartment while we were gone. 

On our way out of the park, we took the Monorail and got to sit in the very last car with all the windows. We met a very nice woman and her son who were totally into pin collecting - they go to Disneyland every Thursday for the new pin releases! The woman saw that we all had lanyards with only a few pins on them [we left most of our other pins at home this time] and she gave Scarlett a handful of trader pins so the next time we're there, she can trade with the cast members at Disneyland! So sweet!

We grabbed some lunch at the Rainforest Cafe on our way back to the room and then packed up and jumped in the car - but not before running into Goofy in our hotel lobby and getting some photos with him! 

Scarlett bonked her ear just before this photo was taken - you can see her hand going to cover her ear and the poor look of pain and confusion on her little face... But she's a tough one and as soon as she finished crying, she said "Can we go on Space Mountain again?" 

This trip is going to be tough to beat. It was the perfect amount of fun, excitement and relaxation. One for the books, for sure. 

Once we got home, we did a load of laundry and repacked our bags for a trip to Lake Tahoe the next day. But I'll save that story for another post... ;)

love & cupcakes, 

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