goals for 2015

I found my list of goals for 2014 and thought I would update it for this year. 


* Read 30 books - In 2014, I managed to read only 17 books. I'm chalking that up to the fact that moving and packing and unpacking doesn't allow for a lot of downtime for reading. This year, I think I'll keep the same goal and hopefully I'll make it this time!

* Walk 500 miles - I totally blew this goal out of the water in 2014! I walked a grand total of 1,088.68 miles last year! And this year, I'm going to up the ante by trying to walk 2,015 miles by the end of the year. I'm already way behind on my average miles per day of 5.5. 

* Watch 20 movies - This was more to remind myself to take time every once in a while to relax and just sit for an hour or two to decompress. Plus, it was supposed to encourage Nick and I to chill out together and find some new movies to enjoy. The total movie count for 2014 ended up being 53! Woo hoo! I think this year I'll only strive to watch 15 movies - I want to do more fun stuff outside as a family instead of watching movies. Plus, we're getting really into random TV shows on Amazon and Netflix, so we'll probably get caught up with those before watching too many movies. 

* Stick to a weekly housekeeping schedule - So, once we moved into a much smaller place, housekeeping got a lot easier. I made up a schedule on the Choremonster app and for the most part, I've stuck to it. The holidays threw us for a loop since Nick was home a lot and when he's around, chores take a backseat to family time, but we're getting back into the swing of things now that the new year has begun. I'm pretty sure I can keep it up for this year. 

* Wake up earlier [7am or so] - This one was a major fail. Once we moved, Nick didn't have to leave so early in the morning for work so we all got into the sleeping in mode and once the holidays were upon us, I saw 3am far too many times... I'm still out of whack with my sleeping schedule but hopefully I can get it back and start getting up earlier this year. We're a house full of night owls...

* Get rid of 40 bags/boxes of stuff - We knocked this one out of the park! We got rid of so many things when we moved and once we were in our new place, we kept purging. And we're still not done. I learned that sometimes [well, most of the tine] the memory of something is still there even if the actual object tied to the memory is gone. And for those items that it still seems impossible to part with, a photo still does a great job of reminding you. Plus, we managed to accumulate so many random, unnecessary things when we lived in a big house that now, getting rid of a lot doesn't seem so hard anymore. We simply don't have room for it all! I'd still like to keep simplifying our home this year, but I don't think I need an actual "goal" to keep me accountable. 

* Have regular weekly "date nights" - and Sunday Walking Dead dates count! - We did a lot better with this goal once we moved closer to family and had a wider net of people available to hang out with Scarlett for a few hours so we could go and have some time together. I think we'll keep it up for 2015. 

* Meal plan each week & add a new recipe weekly - I pretty much failed with this one. Once we moved, I lost all of my motivation in the kitchen and we ended up eating out a lot more often... Now we're more settled and I'd like to give meal planning more attention. We have a pretty awesome farmers market each weekend downtown that we can check out for fruits and veggies and I want to be more comfortable in the kitchen and try new meals. 

* Save up for a Disneyland vacation - We did Disneyland with a bang at Halloween! It was so much fun, we're planning on doing it again in 2015. 

* Lose ten pounds by June and another ten pounds by December - I ended up nearly meeting this goal but really, it was kickstarted by my getting pneumonia while we were on vacation this summer. It sucked, but not being able to really eat for a week helped to knock the first ten pounds off. After I got better, I tried to do better with eating healthier meals and walking more and by the end of the year, I was down 18 pounds from my starting point. I have another 7 to go before I reach my first goal. 

* Improve our credit scores - We worked to pay stuff off this last year and not open any unnecessary lines of credit. We paid off both of our cars in 2014 and have a savings account now so I'm feeling better financially but I'd still like to really plan out a budget and learn to stick to it. We tend to be impulsive spenders and I'd like to figure out a way to not let that derail our finances...

Those were my goals and updates for 2014 and some of my goals for 2015. My full goal list for this year is...


* Read 30 books
* Walk 2,015 miles
* Watch 15 movies
* Get better sleep
* Have weekly date nights
* Meal plan each week and add a new recipe weekly
* Lose ten pounds by June and another ten by December
* Create a budget and stick to it
* Work on Christmas and birthday gifts all year so we're done by Thanksgiving
* Get the house "company ready" and maintain it
* Send more snail mail

Have you made any goals or resolutions for this year? 

love & cupcakes, 

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