flu season

The day after Christmas, I started to feel under the weather. My throat was a bit scratchy and sore and I just felt run down. I figured that it was probably due to all the holiday craziness that we had just been through [running around like crazy people, shopping, family get togethers, etc] so I grabbed some throat lozenges and went on my way. 

Cut to this week - weeks later and I am knocked flat on my back with a nasty cold/flu situation. It sucks. I haven't had the flu in years and I completely forgot how much it can take out of you... I've been glued to this couch since Saturday night and am only now starting to come out of the fog of being totally sick. It sucked. But Scarlett has been taking such good care of me lately! She'll come over and put her little hand on my forehead and say "You feel hot Mommy. You'll feel better tomorrow." And then she'll burrow in behind me on the couch and take a nap, too. 

I think I'm past the fever/nausea phase and I'm settled firmly in the gross coughing all the time phase. Hopefully that will pass soon so I can function as a semi-normal human being again. But if it means that I get extra snuggles with Scarlett and tons of cartoon time, maybe being sick isn't as bad as it seems...

love & cupcakes, 

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