bowling break!

My sister and I took our girls out for an afternoon of bowling yesterday. We all had a blast - although I forgot how exhausting bowling can be when you're trying to corral three excited little girls while simultaneously throwing a ten pound ball down a very slippery lane! 

Isabelle is by far the best bowler out of all five of us - she knocked everyone out of the park with her scores. Looks like we need some more practice!

love & cupcakes, 


we wish you a merry christmas!

I hope your day is merry and bright and you spend it with the people you love, doing exactly what you want. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

love & cupcakes, 



We spent the afternoon yesterday up in Shingle Springs with my grandma for a family Christmas gathering. I love wandering around her property - there is a pond and a ton of trees, trails and a million mushrooms! The girls and I went on a mushroom hunt while we were visiting and we found a ton...

The pictures are blurry and rushed - as soon as the girls found one cluster of mushrooms, they were off and running in search of the next! We had a great time...

love & cupcakes, 


monkey see, monkey do...

I was getting ready for my husband's company holiday party this evening and Scarlett came in as I was putting on my makeup. She's not one to let a tube of lipstick or some sparkly eyeshadow get put away without trying some on first, so she hopped up on the bathroom counter and asked to be turned into "one of the bad girls from Jem - but the not so bad one." FYI - She means Stormer

I love that she likes to pretend to be one of the bad girls and act all sassy, but she chooses the one bad girl that doesn't get too bad... And insists on hearts being drawn on her cheeks. 

love & cupcakes, 


and the rain, rain, rain...

... came down, down, down...

A pretty big storm is pummeling our area of California right now so we're hunkered down, enjoying the rain. Scarlett has spent a ton of time outside getting completely soaked and she even talked her daddy into joining her. It was pretty magical. And wet. 

I've never gotten an emergency alert on my phone before! It was kind of scary! 

Stay safe if you're in the middle of the storm like we are. Maybe make yourself some nice hot coffee and catch up on some Netflix... I might just do that myself.

love& cupcakes, 


we have a four year old...

On Monday, Miss Scarlett decided to go ahead and grow up a little bit more. We spent the day running around doing things she likes - 

Like dressing up and visiting Santa at the mall...

And having breakfast food for lunch followed by birthday sundaes...

Then, a little shopping for toys...

And finally some fun at Rockin' Jump! 

I think she had a pretty awesome day... But if she could just stop growing up for a while, that would be just fine with me. 

love & cupcakes,