lately, again...

My last "lately" post was about a month ago and it was a total downer, right? This last month has improved a lot. I've gotten a bit more into the groove and rhythm of taking Scarlett to gymnastics and storytime and all of our weekly errands and it's not as daunting anymore. 

I downloaded a chore app called "Choremonster" that we really like. Scarlett has her own set of daily tasks to complete [age appropriate ones like brushing her teeth, getting dressed and feeding out cat] and she enjoys checking off each chore so much that it inspired me to make a list for myself, too! It's pretty motivating to have a "reward" that you can trade in your earned points for - Scarlett has gotten a Barbie so far and I almost have enough points for a "Mommy Date" - coffee and a good book all by myself. 

The weather has cooled off a bit, Nick and I have gone on a few dates this month [our amazing anniversary, Jerry Seinfeld, etc] and we have a family Disneyland trip on the horizon. 

Life is looking up... 

love & cupcakes, 

PS - I'm still surrounded by boxes, but I don't care as much anymore. >_<

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