so many things...

Things have been so busy around here lately... 

We still live among boxes and Scarlett's bed still hasn't arrived [it comes next week, though!] but the good is really outweighing the bad right now. Nick and I have an officially "ours" bed for the first time ever! The bedframe was delivered yesterday afternoon and after spending a night on it last night, I'm amazed we lasted as long as we did without it.  We have a couch and a coffee table and a TV stand [no TV yet but we're working on it] and as soon as we can clear out the remaining pile of boxes in our dining room, we'll have a dining set as well! It feels like we're officially adults all of a sudden... Well, more grown up anyway. We still have toys and video games all over the place, so I don't think we'll ever be completely adult, right?

It's amazingly nice to be so close to our families and friends again. Our schedule has never been so busy! Scarlett just started gymnastics, too, so we have two classes a week to add to our ever-growing list of things to do. 

And we pretty much love it. 

love & cupcakes, 

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