Lately I've been drowning in boxes... There are so many left from our move a few months ago that we still don't have quite enough room to set up our dining room table.  I invited my family over for dinner this Friday so now I have a hard deadline to have the dining room set up and box free. Fingers crossed!

Lately I've been feeling swamped with all of my self-imposed chores and errands. We signed Scarlett up for gymnastics three days a week, added a weekly story time to our schedule and run almost all of our errands during the week when it's just Scarlett and I. I'm feeling run down and trapped in a funk. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so hopefully that will bring me out of my haze and reinvigorate me. I'd love to feel like I'm on top of my game as a stay at home mom, but lately that's not the case. 

Lately I've been really needing a date night. Nick promised that somehow we'd have one this weekend and even if it's just coffee and a stroll, I'd be in heaven. I need some mushy downtime. 

Lately I feel like I need more friend time. I miss hanging out and talking to my girls. We need to make some time to hang out soon. 

love & cupcakes, 

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