tahoe part one - the beach!

I'm warning you now - there are about a million photos in this post.  Even though I'm breaking our vacation into parts, there are still a ton of photos...

We went to Lake Tahoe for the week after Memorial Day and had the best time. It was awesome to just relax and have some serious family time. We went to the beach, rode a boat [that Scarlett even got to drive!], took a bike ride, walked all over the place, played about a million games in the casino's arcade and just generally had the best time ever. 

We hiked down to the beach right by our cabin and let Scarlett play in the sand. The hike was insane but the view of the lake made it completely worth it! There were even pinecones instead of shells on the beach - my kind of place! 

Road tripping over the mountain!

Home sweet home for the week...

Our view... 

Hiking down to the beach...

The water is so clear! 

Who needs shells, right?? 

Don't worry - there will be plenty more posts about our Tahoe days... =]

love &  cupcakes, 

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