goals update!

Back in March I posted a list of my goals for 2014. Here's an update! 

Read 30 books - So far, I've read 11 out of 30. I need to step my game up! I think when I read paper books instead of e-books, it takes me longer because I don't tend to read in bed as much since I'd need to leave a light on. Maybe I should try more e-books during the second half of the year...

Walk 500 miles - So far, I've walked over 355 miles and counting. I'm ahead of my target! 

Watch 20 movies - I've watched 24 movies so far! I beat my goal! 

Stick to a weekly housekeeping schedule - Ummm.... Not so much. Although, in my defense, we got the house looking pretty decent when we were on the market and now that we're in escrow, it's slipped a bit, but during packing, that's to be expected, right? And it'll be much easier once we're in a much smaller home. 

Wake up earlier [like at 7am] - Some days I'm on top of this. Others, not so much. But again, once Nick's commute gets so much shorter, I think having the same schedule will be much easier. 

Get rid of 40 bags/boxes of stuff - SIMPLIFY! - We're all over this one. Since we're going to be downsizing our living quarters my so much, getting rid of stuff and not accumulating new stuff has been much easier. And we're still going strong. I'm sure by moving day, we'll have gotten rid of more things than we'll be bringing with us. 

Have regular weekly date nights - We haven't made this as much of a priority as we should have so far. Hopefully living closer to family and friends will make this a bit easier once we move - plus having more time together each day will be a major plus!

Meal plan each week - add a new recipe weekly - We still meal plan, for the most part, although we've been a bit lax about it since our vacation. I haven't done well with adding a new recipe each week, though. I've got to get on top of that!

Save up for a Disneyland vacation - Well, we totally blew this one. We're kind of cheating on this goal, since we promised Scarlett that once we sold the house, we could take her to Disneyland for Halloween and we're planning on using a bit of the money we make from the sale to pay for it. But still, I'm going to count it. 

Lose ten pounds by June and another ten by December - I totally lost almost ten pounds this month so far, but not because I was being extra healthy or anything. Being sick was a fantastic diet and I've honestly just used it as a jumping off point to try and eat better and walk more. Since I'm feeling almost 100% better now, I can step up my workouts and be more active. I've still got a few days to go...

Improve our credit score - I think we've been better about getting on top of our debts and accounts and once the house is sold, we're planning on clearing out all of our little random debts that have piled up. 

It looks like I've still got a ways to go on my goals for a lot of these, but we're only halfway through the year. I can do it!

Do you have any goals you're working on for this year?

love & cupcakes,
elissa ♥

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