Scarlett is pretty convinced that she's a kitty... 

Happy Friday! We made it through another week! One week ago I had to make a visit to the ER in Temecula while I was on vacation because I got a pretty bad case of pneumonia. I'm still taking medicine and resting up as much as Scarlett will let me, but I'm feeling much better than I did a week ago, thank goodness! Here's what I'm currently up to...

Reading - I finally finished the Divergent trilogy while I was on vacation last week. I enjoyed it but really missed the intensity of the first two books by the time I got to the third. What should I read next?

Watching - I'm still making my way through Hart of Dixie. I really love Lemon's clothes! 

Anticipating - We're celebrating Father's Day this weekend [I was too sick last weekend and my brother was out of town] and I can't wait to spend the day lounging in the pool at my parents' house while we barbecue. 

Listening To - I've been playing a lot of Lana Del Rey on Spotify lately... It sounds like summer to me - moody and brooding and a bit sad.... I'm not a summer girl. 

Eating - Not much. Being sick is a great diet although it's impossible to keep up. I lost over five pounds while I was sick and I still haven't quite recovered enough to eat like I normally do. Maybe this is my chance to change my diet and eat more fresh and raw foods since the thought of heavier meals is still pretty tough to think about...

Working On - Looking for a new place to live! On my way to the ER last week we got a call from our realtor that someone had put in an offer on our house. We countered and they accepted so the clock is ticking! We only have until the middle of July to have a new place to live! I've been looking online like crazy but it's tough to tell from a computer screen if it would someplace we'd like to live or not... We're going to spend Saturday apartment hunting, though, so hopefully we'll find something we love!

Wishing - That someone would just come along and pack up our house for us. It seems like a near impossible task... So many things!

How is your week going? What have you been up to?

love & cupcakes, 

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