We're chilling poolside today...

Happy Friday! I feel like this week has been extra long and tough... Recovering from a vacation is hard work, right?? Luckily, we're only days away from another one! =] Here's what I'm up to...

Reading - I'm pages away from finishing the last book in the Divergent trilogy. I really enjoyed the first two books but I kind of feel like the third one is a bit disjointed and out of place... Maybe the end will be more satisfying?

Watching - I'm kind of hooked on Hart of Dixie and I'm a bit embarrassed about it. But not too embarrassed. 

Anticipating - Our road trip to Southern California next week! I miss my family!! 

Listening To - Tons of randomness, but especially Bayside and Land Del Rey on Spotify. 

Eating - After having some freaking AMAZING sushi in Tahoe last week, I've had a crazy craving! I'm going to need to get my hands on some sushi this weekend for sure! 

Working On - Keeping cool... It's been blisteringly hot around here lately and we are not fans... 

Wishing - For this house of ours to sell quickly... Being on the market stresses me out big time. 

What are you up to?? 

love & cupcakes, 

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