Scarlett says that she's wearing an outer space dress and an outer space helmet. All she needs now is a rocket ship!

It's Friday! I'm so looking forward to this weekend - I need some downtime! This week has been looooooong and tough... Here's what I'm up to!

Reading - My niece let me borrow her copy of In a Blink [Never Girls #1] to read and it's pretty cute. It's totally a book for young kids but she thought I would like to read it, too. So sweet!

Watching - I watched the 21 Jump Street movie and I thought it was pretty entertaining. I also watched Easy A and I forgot how much I love that movie! The parents are so awesome! 

Anticipating - Girls night tomorrow evening. I need an evening for myself.  It's been a freaking week... =/

Listening To - Tons of randomness on Spotify. Tons.

Eating - Nicole has been making some super yummy dinners and Nick and I have been lucky enough to get to grub on them! 

Working On - Still clearing out a ton of our stuff. Our house is looking much bigger now! 

Wishing - That potty training was much easier. Scarlett has been such a little monster lately and I'm exhausted. Fingers crossed that next week goes better!

Have an awesome weekend! 

love & cupcakes,

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