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This week's Rockstar Mom is Cassandra!

Name: Cassandra Manning Occupation: stay at home mom (formerly a district manager for a retail organization).
Kids: Connor, 8.5 months old. Home is Savage, MN
What a normal day looks like for me: Wake at 7, get a cup of coffee and pumping parts, pump for a hour, Connor wakes up, then it's Connors breakfast and morning nap, while I get a few loads of laundry done and clean the house. He wakes up around 11, then it's playtime with him, then lunch. After lunch we normally leave the house and go for a walk, to a play class, or to run errands. Once we get home, it's nap time for him, pump time for me. Then dinner, bath, pump, and bed. So our day is basically play, pump, eat, clean, and sleep. Lots of cleaning. Lots of playing
My favorite things to do with my son are: Walking with him in the stroller, going to the zoo and aquarium, and reading stories together in the rocking chair.
The advice I wished I'd followed, that no one told me, is this: When you become a mother, you need to let go of judgement. Realize that what works best for one family, may not work best for you.. And that's completely okay! People will judge you every single day. They will openly tell you their opinions on how you're raising your child. As long as your child is healthy, safe, and well taken care of, it doesn't really matter which road you take to get there. I broke a lot of "rules", and had to learn to let that fear of failure go. I really struggled with feelings of inadequacy and feeling like a failure because my baby cried, my house was dirty, and I didn't immediately lose all the baby weight, despite me trying tremendously hard in all categories. I had to learn the hard way that this role is HARD, and to not set these unachievable goals as a measure of my self worth. My son is perfect. He's happy, healthy, smart, and safe... And that's all that matters!
If I had a child free day, I'd probably get a pedicure and massage.. No, I'd probably try to live at the spa the whole day and get every treatment they offer! Wrap, peel, scrub, buff, and massage every piece of me! I've attached two photos, they both kind of describe what it's like to be a mom for me. Some moments are unbelievably precious, and others are just funny!

Thank you so much for sharing Cassandra! 

love & cupcakes, 
elissa ♥

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