photo wall revamp

Last week I realized that the photos along my staircase wall were horribly dated - my nieces were all shown as babies and toddlers and Scarlett was hardly featured at all! It needed an update badly...

I took everything down and decided which frames would be on this wall - I wasn't a huge fan of the hanging square frames or the wood finish frames so those didn't make the cut. I still used a few that I'd rather switch out but I can do that later. I added in some prints of quotes that I love and some of Scarlett's artwork as well. 

I tried to squeeze everything in a bit tighter to make it look more cohesive. I know that things aren't evenly spaced or level, but I think that kind of adds to the charm of it all. Life isn't perfect - it's messy. And I like the idea that my photos of it are as well. 

Now Scarlett and I stop along the stairs and really look at the different pictures, where we used to just fly by and barely notice them at all. Scarlett likes to show me everyone in all the shots and say "hi" to her cousins. She's getting really good at remembering everyone's faces and names! 

We just need to get some updated shots of all the grandparents and I think we'll be good! 

love & cupcakes, 

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