goals for 2014...

I know, I know... We're well into March already. But you know what? Less procrastination isn't on my list of goals for 2014, so there. I basically updated my list of goals for 2013 from last year...

* Read 30 books
So far, I'm reading my sixth book of the year. Only 24 more to go!

* Walk 500 miles
I'm already over 80 miles for this year, so I just need to keep it up!

* Watch 20 movies
I'm counting all movies watched - even ones we've seen before. So far, I think we're at three [Drinking Buddies, Frozen and The Nut Job] so we've got a ways to go. I'm only counting movies we actually sit down and watch completely - random Disney movies during quiet time don't count.

* Stick to a weekly housekeeping schedule
So far, my weekly schedule is something like Mondays and Tuesdays are big laundry days, Wednesday is for floors [my most hated of chores!], Thursdays are for vacuuming and watering plants and Fridays are bathrooms and clearing out the fridge to make way for weekend groceries and stuff. Weekends are for running errands and tackling bigger projects. So far, I've been super on top of dishes and kind of on top of laundry, but not so much everything else. 

* Wake up earlier [like at 7am]
Ideally, I'd like to wake up and be dressed and together before Nick needs to leave for work so we can have coffee together and have a few minutes before our days take us away. It's so tough to get myself out of bed though... I'm terrible at waking up. Why can't our days start in the afternoon?? I could rule the world, just as long as I could do it after the sun goes down. 

* Get rid of 40 bags/boxes of stuff - SIMPLIFY!
We've already gotten rid of about fifteen bags or so. Only 25 more to go! 

* Have regular weekly date nights
 Sunday night with The Walking Dead dates count!

* Meal plan each week - add a new recipe weekly
We try to meal plan each Sunday so we can make sure we have all we need in terms of groceries. Adding a new recipe each week is where I'm having trouble. If a recipe doesn't go over well, I feel like a failure - even though it's never that big of a deal. Maybe I need to start with some easy new recipes and work my way up to the more complicated ones. 

* Save up for a Disneyland vacation
We need our Disneyland fix this year - for sure! Scarlett is always ready to go and I've really been enjoying Diana's Locals Only series and I really want to check out some Anaheim spots!

* Lose ten pounds by June and another ten by December
This is just to keep me accountable and more likely to make healthier choices - especially during this particularly difficult Girl Scout Cookie season!

* Improve our credit score
We're looking to move out of our current house and maybe rent one much closer to the Bay and having better credit can only help us. We're slowly working our way back after a pretty dismal few years. 

That's about it for this year. Hopefully I'll be on top of my goals a bit more this year than I was last year. Have you made any goals for 2014?

love & cupcakes, 


Randy Eldridge said...

time to make you feel awesome.

the 500 miles you probably already done it. by now. considering all the walking you do on a regular basis, around the house shopping, you probably already hit 500 or more.

i noticed one mistake never ever throw anything out. sell it if you can. or put it on listia and get some credits. especially kids
stuff just clean it up and take and post. if you got bags and boxes selling it means money in your pocket. hey $2-$5 here and there adds up people do buy nice used kids stuff.

housekeeping is simple if you know the tricks. my aunt can literally do the whole house in an hour. bathroom, front room, kitchen. in an hour.

waking up earlier well the hard part about that is going to bed early. like 8:30-9pm. maybe 8pm. if you go to bed late its hard to wake up early. no caffeine after 11am. and you will be sleepy and be like bed time. its hard but you can do it.

credit well we all got bad credit.

if your buying the house. don't sell rent it out. that's income in your pocket. then you can use that to help pay down the credit.

disneyland omg is outrageously expensive just for the park alone its almost $150 a ticket. go on a disney cruise. its probably cheaper and just as much fun or more. and you get to go to the carribbean. plus with cruises you can book when rates are cheap.

elissa marie said...

I want to get one of those tracker things that keep count of all your miles and stuff during the day. I'm still researching which one seems to be the best though... Hopefully we'll find one we like soon! Then I'll be knocking out the miles without even realizing it!