We went rollerskating last weekend to celebrate our birthdays and I didn't even realize until later how awesomely roller derby Scarlett was looking in her outfit! [PS - Overalls are the perfect outfit for a Mama to use to hold up her skating kiddo - my sister got an amazing arm workout!]

Happy Friday! We made it through another week - this one has been incredibly long and tough... Daylight savings is my least favorite time of the year. It takes me forever to get myself back on schedule and it looks like Scarlett takes after her mama... Hopefully we can reset a bit this weekend and get back to sleeping on a normal shift! Here's what I'm up to...

Reading - I'm still dragging through Twisted Sisters. I'm enjoying the book but I've been having a terrible time sitting down and just reading. I'm so easily distracted lately...

Watching - Nick and I started "Orange is the New Black" last weekend, but we still haven't even finished the first episode. Hopefully we can get back into our TV watching dates this weekend! 

Anticipating - My father in law and his girlfriend are taking Nick and I to a Kitchen on Fire cooking class tonight! I'm so excited! We get to learn how to make pizza from scratch - something I'm sure we'll use in the future. 

Listening To - Tons of Katy Perry. Scarlett got a Phineas and Ferb boom box last week and she's been playing Katy Perry CDs nonstop ever since... She's hilarious!

Eating - I've been seriously craving milkshakes lately! I made one the other day with peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream and I just about died and went to Heaven! So yummy!! I need to stock up on ice cream! 

Working On - Clearing things out. We're hoping to have a massive garage sale in the near future so I need to get everything in order and figure out what we can get rid of. I get really emotionally attached to "things" and have a terrible time letting them go... 

Wishing - For some more motivation! I need to get going on my 500 miles in 2014 walking challenge but I've been so lazy lately... I'm hopefully going hiking today so that should be the kickstart that I need. 

What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 

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