movie buffs...

Scarlett officially went to her first movie last year [Despicable Me 2] with her daddy while I was at a Say Anything/Eisley concert down the street, but she spent most of the time running around the lobby and playing on the arcade games, so I kind of don't count it as a real movie outing...

However, we took Scarlett to see Frozen a few Saturdays ago and she absolutely LOVED IT! She stayed put for the entire thing and was engaged and entertained the whole time. I'm pretty sure that Frozen is her new favorite movie - I have to pull up clips from YouTube all the time and constantly play the soundtrack on my phone whenever we're in the car. She even likes to have her hair done like "Anna" or "Elsa" now.  She went to see Frozen for a second time in the theater a few days after we saw it as a family and she loved it then, too. 

Last weekend we went to a birthday party [that we were insanely late for [I'm still sooooo sorry Shannon!] at a movie theater and Scarlett got to see The Nut Job. While it wasn't the *best* movie I've ever seen, Scarlett enjoyed it enough [there are fart jokes galore!] and she got to dance with her cousin during the end credits, so she had a blast. Plus, with popcorn and candy to fill up on, I think Scarlett is going to be quite the movie buff....

Here she is with her "Anna" hair - 

And her "Elsa" hair - 

And her favorite new "Olaf" cup - 

She's definitely a Frozen girl!

love & cupcakes, 


sunday salad...

We've started a mini-tradition of having a big salad [insert Seinfeld joke here] for dinner each Sunday night. We usually spend Sundays running errands anyway so it made sense to just grab a bunch of fresh produce and see what deliciousness we can concoct. 

Here are the last few salads we've made...

They've been so yummy... Such a fun mini-tradition! 

love & cupcakes, 

now I get to be a princess...

But only because Scarlett saw the new trailer for Maleficent and has decided that she gets to be her from now on... 

Are you going to see Maleficent this summer?

love & cupcakes, 


and just like that, we have a three year old!

Yep, Scarlett is three years old now! She turned three last month while I was taking a break from blogging and she had the best time. 

She's a pro at opening presents now! 

Her cake wasn't the prettiest thing but at least it tasted good!

Hold on tight, we now officially have a little kid! 

love & cupcakes, 


hey there stranger...

It's been a while, huh? 

I've been unplugged since October and it was both refreshing and infuriating. I guess I didn't realize how much I use the internet for both information/entertainment as well as feeling social. Hanging with a three year old [I know! Scarlett turned three while I was away from this space!] all day already makes me pretty socially awkward - not interacting very much online makes it just that much worse. 

But I'm back - I'm not sure how much initially but I'm figuring things out and hopefully making this little space in my corner of the internet a much happier and more productive space in 2014. I'll be playing catch up for a while and filling you in on all of our end of 2013 shenanigans as well as sharing our day to day...

It's good to be back. 

love & cupcakes,