seven years...

Seven years ago, I woke up early and left a snoozing Nick behind to go and get my nails done. And check on the reception hall - and try to micromanage every single thing happening there. And get my hair curled [and my ear burned!] and my makeup put on. Hours later, I walked into a flower garden and found all of my loved ones there waiting for us... 

Well, all of them except for Nick. 

He was back at our apartment throwing together a playlist for our ceremony! You'd have thought that with the amount of music we both listened to on a daily basis that the playlist would've been the first thing we finished. Instead, it was one of the only things we had arguments about! When he finally got there [after what felt like hours and a few hostile phone calls from my Maid of Honor] I heard "This is the End" by The Doors floating up through the flowers... 

Fantastic song to get everyone in the mood for some romance, right?!?! Nick's reasoning was that he wanted the longest songs he could find to play before the ceremony so he thought of The Doors. I thought it was hilarious!

Here's to many more years together and never reaching the end of our song, no matter how hilarious or inappropriate it may be. 

I love your guts Nick!!!

love & cupcakes, 

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