the days are long but the years are short...

Sometimes I need to remember that. Especially on super long days where it seems that nothing is going my way. Days when Scarlett thinks pulling every single toy out of the toy boxes and throwing them all over the place is more fun than actually playing with any of them. Or when it seems like no matter how many dishes I wash or meals I make, no one notices. Or when all I'd like to be able to do is go to the bathroom with the door closed for once. 

But even though the days are loooooong, the years really are so short. 

I can't believe that in a few short months Scarlett will be three years old. It seems like only yesterday we found out we would be having a baby and our lives completely changed forever. And now she can carry on conversations, form her own opinions on things, put on her own clothes [more or less]. I'm just in awe of the little girl she's becoming. Every day is different. 

And every day is wonderful, even if it is incredibly long. 

love & cupcakes,

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