playroom time!

Nick has given us the green light to start planning a playroom for Scarlett and he's even already started clearing out his office! Woo hoo!

I never thought that I would want a playroom for Scarlett - I figured between her bedroom and having a few toys in the living room we would be set. That, however, has not proven to be true. My living room has been completely taken over by toys and stuffed animals. Her bedroom isn't really a practical place for playing because it's on the second floor and during the day the majority of our time is spent downstairs - the last thing I need is for her to take over the entire second floor of the house while I'm downstairs washing dishes... So it looks like we'll be going the playroom route. It should be especially fun when we have parties here at the house since the kids can have a cool space all for themselves. 

I've been scouring Pinterest for playroom inspiration and even though I know it's already been done to death, I'm really leaning towards a chalkboard wall... I think it would be so much fun for the kids to be able to draw all over the wall with no worries. Such fun!

I also really want it to be a place that I can spend time and not lose my mind - we have to leave the computer and desk in there for the time being so I'll be blogging "from the playroom" for a while... 

Here are some pictures I've pinned of cool playroom inspiration...

I'd really like it to stay light and airy in there - I'm pretty sure we'll all be spending a ton of time in there! 

Did you have a playroom as a kid? What was your favorite part?

love & cupcakes, 

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